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I can't complete quiz

  • 7 March 2020
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I paid a specialization subscription(1 month) two weeks ago.
Registered for the IBM AI Engineering course.
The above consists of six courses, and I am currently learning IBM Data Science as the first course.
When I tried to take the first test in this course, I was required to pay again, so I paid but could not complete the test. I don't know why, so I'd like a solution.
In this state, the course does not proceed because the test is not completed.


How much does it take to complete the IBM AI Engineering course completely?


3 replies

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Hey @zassota it’s sad to know that you can’t complete your course, I have completed two courses of IBM data Science 1.Intro and 2.Open source tools ,I didn’t face any difficulty but I advice you to go through the lessons and video thoroughly and take the quiz there are 3 attempts for quiz every 8 hours.

Hope this will find you helpful

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Thanks a lot!

I will try it.



i just start a course titled “ design and interpretation of clinical trials” which is offered by johns hopkins university. I had requested for financial aid and fortunately it was accepted. 
but after finishing all course materials i am unable to take quizzes.

please help me with this