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I can't access a course I enrolled in and paid for

  • 3 August 2020
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While I was still in the middle of my guitar courses, I enrolled in a Singer Songwriter course and paid for it. It told me that I have to finish my guitar before continuing so I did. When i tried to go to my Singer Songwriting class it just sends me back to Guitar for Beginners and when I check my Home, the Singer Songwriter course is not there even though I paid for it.

1 reply

@MoonbaseLondon , those a wonderful courses! I hope you can get this straightened out. You  need to reach someone in the Help Center who will help you. Here is an article about payments:

At the end , you will see a rectangle outlined in blue with a little envelope icon in it. It says, “contact us”.Press that and you will be able to report this issue. Hopefully they will figure it all out for you. Best of success to you. 

When this is resolved, please visit the Music Subject Forum for many interesting discussions.