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How to use your Flag icon: Report Plagiarism and Course Material Errors

  • 3 December 2020
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How to use your Flag icon: Report Plagiarism and Course Material Errors
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Hello everyone! It’s time for another Pro Tip to enhance your learning experience; today I will talk about the Flag icon and how it can help improve your (and everyone’s) experience on Coursera.

There are two places you might see a flag icon when taking a Coursera course.

#1: Flagging submissions  

When you have completed a peer-reviewed assignment and you begin reviewing your peers’ submissions, you may come across a submission that has been plagiarized or has been improperly submitted. Use the “flag this submission” option to report this. 




Make sure to select the appropriate reason for flagging (1). Keep in mind that sending a report with no information or details will make it very hard for it to be reviewed. Include any evidence or information (2) that supports your reason for flagging so it can be properly investigated. Here is an example of good information provided:




Clicking “Send report” generates a report that will be analyzed and reviewed by Coursera. You only need to flag a submission once.

There has been a very large increase of people learning on Coursera this year, so this reviewing process may take some time, but every flagged assignment is reviewed. When a case of plagiarism is confirmed, the reported learner is notified and penalized accordingly.


#2 Flagging course material errors

Coursera partners do their best to deliver an excellent learning experience, but sometimes you may want to let the course creators know about an issue or error in the materials. To report an issue with readings, videos, or other course materials, click on the flag icon. 




Then, select the appropriate option (1) and provide as many details as you can (2). 



Selecting “Send” generates a report, and the respective team will review the report and take action as needed.

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