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How to recover a half completed course?

  • 8 September 2019
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From August to September 2018, I was taking the specialization Excel to MySQL, a multi-course program. I completed the first course and half-completed (3 weeks out of 6) of the 2nd course "Mastering Data Analysis in Excel" (, when I had to suspend the course and put my Coursera as inactive. This suspension was due to unavoidable work related reasons.

I am now trying to resume my Excel to MySQL specialization, but the course is not appearing at half-completed or inactive. My account shows only the first course completed of this specialization.

I would like to continue this specialization, but before I activate my account again (pay the $49 monthly fee), I would like to know if I can start were I left this course "Mastering Data Analysis in Excel" (week 3 - Linear Regression).

I truly appreciate your prompt assistance.



2 replies

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Go to the Specialization page and select 'Courses'. Click on the course you are trying to re-enter. If your enrollment status is intact then it should say so on the Course page.
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Hi @Marco Garcia. If you need more help, please visit the Help Center.