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How to Avoid Creating Duplicate Coursera Accounts

  • 18 December 2020
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How to Avoid Creating Duplicate Coursera Accounts
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Hi everyone! It’s time for a new Pro Tip that will help you have a positive experience with Coursera.

Creating a Coursera account can be achieved through several methods, such as logging in via Google, Facebook, or Apple, or by entering your email address manually. 




Each of these methods will create a new account, so once you have chosen a sign-in method, you should keep using that same method to avoid creating more accounts unintentionally.

Per the Coursera Honor Code, you should only have one active account. Furthermore, creating more than one account may result in accidentally starting multiple subscriptions. 

This is one of the main reasons why some learners receive unwanted charges or see multiple transactions on what may seem to be the same subscription.

There is another big reason behind duplicate accounts, and it is misspelling your email. It’s very common to see this in many support requests, so please make sure that your email is spelled correctly before creating an account. 

If you misspell your email when creating an account and then enter it correctly the next time you try to access Coursera, you will end up with two accounts. A good way to make sure that your account’s email is correct is to double-check your email from your account settings page

In conclusion, choose only one sign-in method and make sure that your email is spelled correctly. This will help ensure you don’t start new unwanted subscriptions in accounts you create by mistake, and will also guarantee that your progress is saved only under one account.

Do you think you might have duplicate accounts? If so, you’ll need help from a support agent to sort this out. Please visit this Help Center article to get started.

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