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How do you assess the added value of translating subtitles?

  • 11 February 2019
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I would like to share a question I am asking myself:

Given that:
  • navigating Coursera website requires at least a functional language of written English,
  • based on the courses I followed or sampled, accurate transcription and closed captions/subtitles in English are available,
Who is the audience that will benefit from subtitles transcription? Does Coursera measure the use of non-English subtitles?

Please understand that this is not a loaded question. I am genuinely interested in your views.


4 replies

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welcome iAppreciate your thread this issuecan be resolve from coursera team help center reach theme by chat

Good Luck
@Stéphane , this is an interesting question. I am an English speaking person and have noted how challenging some courses are to follow. The course I mentored had excellent videos, but the speaker spoke too quickly. I tried to take notes and would miss much of what was said. When the transcription of them became available, it made them so much easier to follow and understand. It is such a helpful tool to have.
There are so many people who do not have a good command of English yet want to take advantage of Coursera. To make subtitles available to people is such a kind gesture. Based on grading many assignments and having many discussions, there is a significant enough population that will be helped and will appreciate this service. I am not sure if any surveys have been done asking how helpful these have been, but if they have helped only a few, then a few more people would have been able to comprehend and learn something new. It’s a service provided by many wonderful volunteers who we need to appreciate here. I see this as being very valuable.
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I think this is a great question, @Stéphane. Thank you for inviting people to share their thoughts.

@skim, do you have any insights to share?
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Hi Stéphane, interesting question! I'm Susie, Localization Program Manager here at Coursera.

The Coursera website is currently available in 10 different languages including English; while we cannot share any details, we're aware that learners are utilizing our website in different languages. There are also many courses available that are taught in languages other than English (Russian and Spanish to name a few) - these are accompanied by subtitles in the original language. In hopes of helping such learners whose preferred language is not English, some of our instructors and learners from around the world choose to provide translated subtitles for the lectures.

We're always exploring ways to make learning more accessible - please feel free to share your thoughts!