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help me i have no time

  • 19 November 2018
  • 3 replies

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hey there i need help i,am using Arc gis 10 ,6,1
and my final project didin,t match with this version ,cause me teacher in coursera uses verison 10.3

3 replies

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Hello @sarah elsayed ,

Sorry to hear the problem you are going through. Does your course have discussion forums? If so, it would be best to post such a query in your course forums. Then your mentors and/or fellow classmates could help you. Have you already posted in your course forums?

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PS: @sarah elsayed : You may also benefit from my response in another thread here, re: such queries:
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PS#2: Hi again @sarah elsayed : Following the earlier posts, if nobody in your course forums can help you with a technical problem such as this one, you could always contact the help centre by clicking the blue question mark at the bottom left corner of the webpage on your course for a live chat. The Help centre can contact the instructors of your course to resolve the problem. I hope these help and your problem gets sorted swiftly. Best wishes.