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Dear Coursera, 


I have subscribed to Coursera with my university email.  I’m a student in university in London. 


The website clearly states free courses for students yet I’m not able to register for free.


I need you help the soonest. Thank you.


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Cordial greetings @Alessio,

Coursera for campus is an initiative that must be to request by the faculty or University, then you have to write to your campus, ask if they are associated to this process, if the answer is yes, they will added to the database in order you be able to enroll the available courses inside this methodology until September that end, otherwise, you don't have access to this process even if you log with the university mail.

You have access to the free courses embedded as free in the search engine, also you can audit the courses.


I hope this clear your doubt,

Kind regards.

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Thank you I will then just cancel the account since this was not mention by the website at all

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Feel welcome to explore the platform @Alessio, you have access to many courses also, as free courses for college students and audit mode, if you can't afford the subscription for obtain the certificate, once you have verified your account you can request for it, and also a financial aid, if you need it, I hope you be curious and find courses that you like.

@Alessio The answer to your question was not from someone from Coursera and it appears you were given the wrong answer even though it is marked as the best answer. It sounds like you are asking about this (which is different from coursera for campus) and a lot of people have had the same problem that you described. See the replies from Coursera on twitter. Your best option is to talk to someone who actually works for Coursera. You will know that you are receiving an official coursera answer if the person answering you has the coursera logo on their profile picture.

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@moocer what say here:


Please i make sure of what i writing before to post, regards.

That information is for the free access to college students initiative, which is a different initiative from the coursera for campus initiative mentioned in what is marked as the best answer.


There seem to be three different programs here.

One is the Coursera for Campus initiative, which is a program which the college itself joins, and offers courses to its students.

The next is Free Coursera for University Students, whereby during the Covid-19 crisis, students with a University email address can sign up for courses before July 31, and must finish before Sept. 30.

Finally, there are Free Courses for College Students, which  is a limited selection of courses offered for free until July 31. You sign up as if you were going to pay for the course, but there is a discount code applied at checkout which makes the course free.

Hope this helps. 

@chcurtis has a better answer than what is currently showing as the best answer, but with one little tweak to that last one on the list of three initiatives. There are free courses that are for everybody, not just college students.

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This is complete BS!!! you advertise that you are helping students with free Coursera, but you’re just exploiting disadvantaged youth and exploiting the current pandemic with false advertising. I am at Oregon State and my sister is at Harvard, both of us cannot use this feature! And your web form to add a school doesnt work!!! Its false advertising and its abusive!

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The link doesnt work! It says it cannot recognize domain for me or domain for my sister!!! Coursera is just taking advantage of the disadvantaged and the COVID pandemic for publicity!!! Coursera should fix this issue and do the right thing or we will be bringing this to light on social media and on campus!

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Cordial greetings @ForestBeaver,


I come from a university, very small, it’s not even a full university, it is a university corporation and it doesn’t appear in the top education ranking.
But what they taught me is to value the effort of others, respect and always contribute in the best way you can.
You as student at a top university, you should be the example of these values ​​and much more.

If the links don’t work, it’s because either they have a lot of traffic or the servers are saturated, in this situation, you could go to the help center and they will give you more information.
But you cannot generalize from misleading advertising or taking advantage of a pandemic, knowing how difficult it has been for the world, and more than Coursera always commits to provide education for everyone.
Is true that I don’t work for Coursera, but as a volunteer I want to support people who have doubts if I know, and I have the knowledge to help them, I will.

Then if you have any questions please enter the help center and they will kindly give you support, because the help center is not synchronized to the community forum. 

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Do you speak on behalf of Coursera? I bring a legitimate concern to this message board and you think an acceptable response is to lecture me on how good of a school I go to compared to you? Your response didn’t do anything to help my or anyone elses concern, all you did was virtue signal and pretend to present logic and reason when in fact you said nothing.


To the Coursera team, the “Free Coursera Courses for University Students” registration is broken. My fellow classmates and I are incredibly grateful for this opportunity. We are eager to start learning. Please have your development team investigate and fix the issue. Thank you.

I’ve heard that it’s not working for a lot of people. It’s beginning to look like maybe or possibly Coursera was using that to try and get new people to register on their platform and also get new contact information from students and universities.

You will know you are getting an official answer from Coursera if someone who responds here has the Coursera logo on their profile picture. I’ve noticed a number of people try to answer questions around here as though they speak for Coursera.

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@ForestBeaver and @moocer, I kindly ask that you do not diminish @Luis Gerardo Ayala B. for his efforts to help fellow learners. Coursera’s offerings are changing rapidly, so it is understandable that there is confusion.

The Coursera Community is for people using Coursera to connect with each other. It is not the place to come to get official responses from Coursera – if you have a technical issue, you will need to use the proper support channels to get help, like the Help Center.

@ForestBeaver, indeed there may be a technical issue, and I can understand why you are frustrated. Please report this to our support specialists through the Help Center. You can start here, by clicking “Contact Us” at the end of the article.

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I apologize, I have been getting the run around trying to solve this issue. I have contacted Coursera customer support, I havent been able to find a phone contact only an email. The response to my email query was cookie cutter and did not even address my concern. It was a boiler plate response to Coursera Campus and directed me to go to the website that I was complaining about!!! From my experience there’s only a few things I can logically conclude, the Coursera organization has horribly poor internal communication about new programs, or the customer service agents dont care enough to read  and understand the concern and respond appropriately, or the problem is purposeful and only used to exploit the current outbreak to try to get more users.

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Thank you so much for your reply!




I’m just trying to get an accurate answer. I appreciate Laura’s confirmation that previous responses were incorrect. Let’s keep things focused on the information, not the people. I never diminished a person; I disagreed with the information. Disagreement with information is not diminishing a person. Also, I have had to now block private messages from untrusted people because of the scolding private message that was sent to me by the person in this thread who was understandably confused and shared inaccurate information about something that is confusing a lot of people.

Let’s all focus on the information, not the personalities.

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I’m closing this thread to new replies as this conversation is no longer productive, in the spirit of our Code of Conduct, which all community members agree to follow when using this space.

To clarify, I did not confirm that previous responses were incorrect. We do not know enough about this specific situation to address the questions asked here. The only people who have enough information to accurately respond to specific issues are members of our support team. As I have said, to get official help with a specific issue on Coursera, please visit the Help Center.

@ForestBeaver, I’ve gotten confirmation that both of these universities are already using a Coursera for Campus learning program. As you can see on the University and college students, learn for free with Coursera page, this initiative is for students whose universities are not already participating in Coursera for Campus. The support specialist gave you accurate information – you will need to reach out to the point of contact at your school about getting enrolled in their existing Coursera for Campus learning program. If you need further assistance, @ForestBeaver, you can reply to the email chain between you and the support specialist. Thank you.