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Financial Aid option not there!

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@Maryam Thank you so much for your help!
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Hi @Nhan. This sounds like a known technical issue, where the Financial Aid button disappears. I've moved your post and the community members' replies to a thread about this issue, which includes a suggested workaround you can use until the issue is fixed.
i enrolled into course in audit mode and when came back to home page i still donot find financial aid option. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi @raza. As far as I know, the financial aid option is not available for the courses in this Specialization. It was discussed here, too.
@Maryam,thanks that helped.
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Hello, there is a course I want to apply for financial aid on, the strange thing that, when I am logged out the option is there and I can click it, but when I login , financial aid option is disappears.
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Hi @Kashish. I've moved your question to an existing thread about this issue. Here you will find additional information. See the 'best answer' for a workaround you can use until the bug is fixed. Thank you!


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