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Financial aid- Just want one course of the specialization

  • 10 July 2019
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Hello, i ask for Financial Aid and i got accepted. What i want to know is that, since it is a specialization if i can only do the first course, the one that i got acepted for financial aid. I'm asking that because e find a course that i like more and i can't wait to start it!! I got accepted yesterday, can i unenroll from this course and ask for financial aid to the one i find later?
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1 reply

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Greetings @Francisco,

It's nice to know that has been accepted the financial aid, and the answer is yes, you can only do the course to be enrolled without finishing all the specialization.

It's great that you discover courses that incentivize you every time. However, you should think that when requesting financial support for that course at the time of you writing, they trusted that you would finish it.

In my opinion, what do you say if you do both, that is, you request the application for the another one that is 15 days in response, you can progress in which you are enrolled and so you will learn much more.

Just don't worry about not doing them on time, as an example, I'm enrolled in two courses, but i have not finished them to date for various commitments, assuming i'm still motivated to achieve that goal.

The important thing is not to go fast, its to learn along the way.