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Double charged

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Hi Laura/ Community Support;

I am being charged twice ($49 x 2) for the first month of courser. (?)
I am enjoying the IoT course however, I need help.

I did have issues in signing up. first tried to enroll via facebook but didn't work. My email account ( may be in your system twice.

Please refund my account for one of the $49 charges.

Please let me know when you have refunded my account for one of the charges.


Jennifer DiStefano

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Hi @jennifer d. I'm sorry to hear about that. As a community manager, I don't have the ability to troubleshoot this but our support team will be able to help you. Please go to this article and click the "Contact Us" button at the end; you'll need to provide a little more information and then have the option to connect with a support agent: Request a refund.
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Hi @jennifer d . I have had the same problem. I am being charged twice for the same course. I would like know if you have solved the problem and how, because the botton "contact us" doesnt not work

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Hi @lorenagpm. I replied to your other post and provided a link to contact our support team: Posible doble cobro por un curso. Please tell the support agent that you got an error message when you tried to use the Contact Us button. We have gotten other reports about this, and we're trying to solve the problem. Thank you!