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Delta in the evaluation of the assignments.

  • 17 January 2019
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What is the responsibility of COURSERA regarding the delay in the evaluation of the assignments ? The responsibility is transferred to the students who should beg for colleagues to evaluate more assignments than required. I have been waiting since December to finish the course, but since I do not receive the grades of weeks 5 and 6, the system only has my deadlines edited.
I chose the course as the subject, but also for the time, since I am entitled to a promotion in my job, if I present the certificate. The COURSERA should rethink the evaluation of the assignments, in order to avoid so many delays in the deadlines.

Marina Biage
Course: Communication Strategies for a Virtual Age

6 replies

@Marina Biage , how frustrating for you! Coursera did change their assignment grading policy so all you need is one review to pass. If there aren’t any learners in your course now, perhaps you can ask one of the Mentors to step in so you can pass? As a Mentor, we are really not supposed to grade assignments, but if I see one that has never been graded and the deadlines have passed, I will step in to grade it so the learner can get a certificate .
if the issue is you need to review assignments and there aren’t any for you showing, contact the Help Center so they can get you older ones to review and you could pass.
i hope this helps and that you can get your certificate soon.
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Thanks for the attention, just the fact that someone is listening to me already helps a lot, because my requests in the forum were never answered.
Just one more question, not all courses have mentors, how do I know if my course has a mentor? And how can I access him, besides the forum?
@Marina Biage , in all courses you will see these circular icons that have pictures of the Instructors and Mentors. You can also check the forum discussions to see if there were any Mentors. Next to their icon will be the letter “M”. This would give you the best idea whether or not there is anyone.
You could also start a thread that basicslly says, “Help! I need my assignment graded!” And include the link. I usually discourage people from doing this but in your situation this might be the only way to find someone.
Finaly, if all else fails, visit thr Help Center and try to find “lice chat” so you can speak to someone directly about this.
I am glad youbare feeling a little better.
Until Coursera changed to needing only review, many learners complained. It was so frustrating! Please let us know when you have been helped.
Hi @Marina Biage. I'm enrolled in the audit mode of this course. Thus, unfortunately, I cannot grade your assignments. I did see your posts in the discussion forums. The Mentor is completely inactive.
You have not provided the shareable link, so other learners won't be able to get to your assignment page directly. I hope you'll get reviews quickly by adding the link. Best wishes.
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Thank you for your attention, I already posted the links on the forum. I hope it really does have some results, as I am quite disappointed with the course evaluation system. I do not only have deadlines to complete with my job, as I encouraged my sons to take other courses at Coursera. I hope they have better luck than I do.
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Hi @Marina Biage. I'm sorry about this. I can understand your disappointment. Please visit the Help Center to get in touch with a support agent to get this issue resolved. Make sure you are logged in. You may need to click through a few help articles until you see a button at the end that says "Contact Us."