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Courses Opportunities Discrimination

  • 9 May 2019
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Hello dear linguistics,

As well as I am a translator for Coursera, sometimes, when I have some free time, I also take some courses. In this ocassion, when I received an ad from "Michigan’s Online MPH: Scholarship Funding Still Available Through May 15", it made me feel really upset and dissapointed.

In this particular case, I have been dedicated to only translate medical field courses because that is my specialization area, and I am also an ATA member as well as an IAPTI member.

All of us worldwide linguistics that spend our time to volunteer, we have been doing it from the heart, for free, and we have accepted it like that.

What I do NOT accept, what I do NOT like and it should be UNACCEPTABLE is that Coursera offers education as the one I previously mentioned (this is the link: where ONLY will be accepted American students.

I always considered Coursera as a mean for education to reach a lot of people, that for some reasons, they cannot attend personally. But that global linguistics work for free for this platform and only "some" can benefit from this is totally condemnable.

I consider that the UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN SCHOOL OF PUBLIC HEALTH should immediately correct this discrimination issue and make available for all the linguistics the free courses that they are offering.

I am writing here because I do not know to who exactly I should address this, but I am willing to know your opinion as well as COURSERA'S answer and apologize.

Finally, I have been considering that if COURSERA does not change its DISCRIMINATION and make it available for all foreigner linguistics, I will take the unfortunately decision to withdraw from tis team. I make a lot of effort for all only for a few that can get the benefits. THAT IS NOT FAIR!

I am looking forward hearing back from all of you.

Kind Regards,


6 replies

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Cordial greetings @mandere,

It's nice to know that you have dedicated to translating courses in your free time, it is a gesture very appreciated by those who register and support the subtitles for better comprehension and understanding, i think that many people are grateful to you.

As part of the worldwide, i feel that more than spending time, is to use it to generate an action for the benefit of others, is to know that thanks to your kindness many people from different countries can get knowledge of their interests, because volunteers they put their heart in translating so that they are accessible with words from their learner native language and, in one way or another, they feel that they belong to their language to this wonderful platform.

I realize the word discrimination that you used is by mention of a course, and i would like to give you my humble opinion,

The link you provide redirects us to the Public Health Master, which in its description states,
"The online Master of Public Health in Population and Health Sciences from the University of Michigan provides internationally relevant, multidisciplinary education for those who want to create a healthier world through research, education, and practice. "

showing a certain aspect i also highlight:

"World-Renowned: The University of Michigan School of Public Health is one of the oldest and most respected U.S. schools of public health. The University of Michigan is ranked # 1 Public Research University in the U.S. by the National Science Foundation."

Then it gives us to understand that it's open to any candidate that meets the following requirements.

Applicants for the degree program must have:

4-year bachelor's degree conferred from regionally accredited US institution or equivalent (WES ICAP verification for international)
SOPHAS Statement of purpose / objectives (1,500 words)
Reflective essay (500 words)
Resume / CV
Letters of recommendation (3)
Test Scores: GRE or MCAT

It should be noted that for financial support, because it's a Master's degree, they are more rigorous and there are no guarantees (as is logical) that you are eligible, until you complete a series of processes and give you the assurance that you will be considered by the justifications you make within the admission and other relevant elements (you can use the request info and you will have the support of advisors to know these details).

I mention this based on my experience, since i applied myself to the application process in Master of Applied Data Science with the University of Michigan and my admission experience requesting financial support from another country it was very pleasant since i received some advice such as, first i need to perform various courses inside Coursera made by them that contribute to "earn points" and i would be more relevant for the aid, after achieving this i can try to apply again, it is very enlightening.

In life there are always opportunities, the way you take them, how you express yourself, your positive attitude and the performance you put on them are what make them to take and be accepted.

I hope that these words that i share to you are very helpful and i will be attentive to your response with the best attitude of being able to serve you.

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Dear Luis Gerardo,

I understand what you are saying and I am in part agreeing with you, but to see the link and to receive the "invitation" email, is another thing.

I am pasting the email that I received that made me so angry.


Marcela Andere

Asunto: Michigan’s MPH: Scholarship funding still available through May 15

Degrees on Coursera

Michigan’s Online MPH: Scholarship Funding Still Available Through May 15


Whether you’d like to become a leader at a top hospital, government agency, the United Nations, the Red Cross, or the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Master of Public Health in Population and Health Sciences degree from the University of Michigan will help you launch your career in public health leadership. The School of Public Health awards more than $4 million per year in student financial aid; apply for Michigan’s Online MPH as soon as possible to be considered for scholarships.

This 100% online program accepts students from a variety of backgrounds in the United States. You don’t need to put your career on hold to earn your public health degree.

Home to the national offices of the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, the School of Public Health ranks #5 nationwide and students learn from faculty whose research takes them to over 70 countries around the world. Plus, Michigan is the #1-ranked public research university in the U.S. and its alumni network is one of the largest in the world with more than 500,000 graduates.

If you’d like to start the program this fall, apply now! The final deadline to apply is just weeks away on June 1.
Apply Now
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Hello @mandere,

That email also came to me when I subscribed to the news from the University of Michigan.

Maybe you're misinterpreting the words, write:

This 100% online program accepts students from diverse backgrounds in the United States.

And it's true, they accept students from diverse backgrounds ... in the United States.

It is different if, for example, it accepts students from diverse backgrounds within and only for the United States. That is the belief you are assuming, and it is not.

I hope with this be clear and we continue having a good environment of socialization and exchange of opinions within this great platform that gives us many opportunities for everyone.

Happy Learning.
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@Judith gave you in the another common room a very nice answer, that is also it can be about the process of new start on this degree, wanting to highlight all the aspects and details about this subject, thank you very much.
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Hi @mandere,

Thank you for raising this concern. I can see how it would have been frustrating to receive an email about our Master of Public Health in Population and Health Science if you don’t live in the US when we’re currently only accepting US-based students into the degree.

We are committed to providing this degree to students outside of the US as soon as possible. The Master of Public Health degree requires an applied public health practice experience. We are still building a global network of vetted partners to support students who are not in the US in meeting this requirement. We hope to be able to open applications to students in other countries in the near future.

Thanks for all your dedication to translating courses to help make them accessible to learners around the world!