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Dear Coursera team,

I am José Moya Cuevas, currently enrolled in the course Genomic Data Science with Galaxy.
My unpleasant experience is as follows: at this moment I have just received the course project of my classmate Tathagat Banerjee. My surprise is that this person sent me MY OWN course project plagiarized with any kind of modifications. As you can understand, this is unacceptable for two main reasons: 1 ) this person has not sent the correction of my work and I am still waiting for the corresponding qualification 2 ) this is a violation both of the Coursera honor code and my intellectual property. For those reasons I am forced to demand measures from Coursera against this user as well as ask you for the corresponding revision of my course project so as to complete the course. In case of not being like that in the next hours, I will consider taking legal actions.

Thanks in advance.

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Flag the submission, report to the Help Center. Nobody here can do anything about that, really.
And, @moya-cuevas take screenshots!
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Thank you very much @Lochcarron
You are very welcome, @moya-cuevas . It is a major flaw in the system that we still don’t have a plagiarism checker for the assignments. You can check against internet sources, but not against copied assignments. It is a complete violation of the Code of Conduct and the person should be totally banned. I hope you managed to flag and report this!

I mixed up my submission and by mistakely uploaded someone else’s submission. It shows plagiarism and honor code violation by instructor . I want to reupload my work . What to do?



@Jayesh99 How did you even get someone else’s submission? As far as I know, you cannot access other’s assignments for giving feedback before you have submitted your own assignment.


Hi @moya-cuevas. I know this is a very old post and I am sorry if this bothers you. But do you know what kind of action has been taken against the person who copied your assignment? I am curious because I had the exact same thing happen to me today and I’m quite displeased with it. I submitted a support request and even flagged the submission and I can’t help but wonder what happens next. If you could share your experience that would be great. No pressure though, it’s totally okay if you don’t want to.

Thanks :)

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Hi I am a student in Coursera. Recently I have found a bad thing happening on coursera. I found that a user whose Apple ID (used to register in coursera) is [email address removed] plagiarized in Courser IBM data Science. That user’s courseworks are even blank or don’t match with the right answer but it get the full mark.
I think this is a plagiarism. Please survey this series matter and give us a reply!
We just want to keep fair!
Best wishes,


I have taken several courses on this MOOC. The course I am currently enrolled in, Crash Course in Python offered by Google has several students openly posting solutions on discussion forums. What is worse is that the only mentor on this course, instead of even reading or comprehending student’s questions simply points them to the solution. Coming from a mentor that is unacceptable!

The course itself is excellent. Great instructor, great resources and assignments

I have contacted the instructor directly through LinkedIn since no email was provided. I have submitted a ticket to Help Center twice. And so far there has been no action taken even though they promised to look into the matter.

Why not just give these students enrolled in this course and openly plagiarize illegally provided solutions the certificate they crave for

And the mentor, in order to get a Mentor Replied label on these discussions answers every question even those that have been answered by other students with this bizarre answer on every thread…


This is one case where I solved the student’s question with my own answer to a student’s question and took time and effort to answer.



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Thank you for sharing the valuable information with us.

Keep sharing the valuable information further. Having said that we believe in customer satisfaction so we really appreciate feedback and valuable suggestions given by our customers.

Happy learning!


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Plagiarism is blatant on the platform. I was today given an assignment to review which was what I had submitted yesterday. I have flagged the submission but this kind of gross misconduct whould be penalised, those subscribers should be barred from the platform and humilated in public