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Course gone missing on my account - Help!

  • 9 July 2019
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Hi, I completed a course on Coursera last spring (2018) and it has disappeared from my account, or rather: it is shown as inactive. All assignments and grades have disappeared. Is this normal (ie after a year or so old certifications disappear?).

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Hi @uww,

1- If you completed all the required assignments and quizzes, the Course Certificate should be available on your Accomplishments page, as explained here: Course Certificates

You can see all the Course Certificates you've earned on your Accomplishments page. From there, you can download, print, or share your Certificates.

2- But, if you did not finish the coursework and left it incomplete, the course should be now on your inactive page. What are you required to do to complete the course?

* If you had paid for it and your payment expired, you need to pay again: Get a Course Certificate
Please note that "deadlines for earning Course Certificates may be different if you're taking the course as part of a Specialization or a Degree (for-credit) program".

* If you had applied for Financial Aid and 180 days passed, you need to submit a new application.

3- Finally, in case you're still uncertain about it, you can contact the support team.

Best wishes.