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Connection with Chrome

  • 8 February 2019
  • 9 replies

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For the past week, I am unable to connect to Coursera via Chrome. I cleaned my history, cache & cookies, closed the browser and opened it again. To no avail.
I have no problem with Firefox but I use each browser for different things.
Does anybody have the same problem?
Any help?

Best answer by Christophe 12 February 2019, 01:23

Issue resolved. A technician from Coursera reseted my account and everything is fine again.
Thank you all for your help.
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9 replies

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Issue resolved. A technician from Coursera reseted my account and everything is fine again.
Thank you all for your help.
@Christophe , Are you using the Coursera App? When I had this issue , I deleted the app and then it was fine. Also, are you sure you are logged in? Hopefully, you will figure it out.Please let us know how this resolves. Thanks.
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Hello Judith,
Thank you for your answer. And no, I am trying to log in on my laptop.
And I cannot make sure I AM logged in. Because I just cannot log in in the first place 😮
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Hi @Christophe. This sounds very strange – and frustrating! I suggest you visit the Help Center via Firefox and report this issue to our support team. You can go here and click on the "contact us" button at the bottom of the page: Solve problems with your Coursera account.
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Hello Laura, I'm not sure why I should contact Firefox Help Center since my issue is with Chrome.
I will use the link you give me although I just may stick with Firefox and forget about Chrome. But still, it is frustrating.
Hi @Christophe, I don’t think @Laura was talking about you reaching firefox help center. The link she sent you is for Coursera’s help center. they might be able to help you. Press it, and you should see a big blue button on the bottom right that says, “live chat”. You will need to press the “log in” at the upper right. Hopefully that will work! Once you are in live chat, someone should be able to help you. I once experienced this frustration too, but they helped me resolve it. Let us know if this works!
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I'm sorry for the confusion, @Christophe. I meant to suggest that you use Firefox as a browser to visit the Coursera Help Center, where you can report the issue you're having.

Thanks for helping to clarify my message, @Judith!
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That's great – thank you for letting us know it's resolved! And thank you for your persistence.
Thank you @Christophe for letting us know. I am so glad all is well now.😀