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changed my email on my account

  • 12 January 2021
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I changed my email address last week, due to changing internet providers.  I thought I had changed my email to my current one but upon logging in all of my courses have disappeared.  I had finished Indigenous Studies and was one lesson into Healing through Creative Art, or something like that.  Could you please help me recover these?

1 reply

@Heatherj , you need to reach the Help Center. Hopefully they will solve this for you.
Use this link:

Now log in.

Scroll down to where it says… Email us here. It will be highlighted in blue. Press that and you’ll be able to report this issue. If that doesn’t work, scroll further down past the yellow thumbs up signs to where you will see a small rectangular box with a little envelope icon in it. Press that box and you will be able to reach someone who can help you. I hope this helps.