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Application submission and payments

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Why can’t i submit my application form. IT’s showing an error message. I also tried to make some payments and it’s not processing. I need a solution

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Hi @codineer . you can see the accepted payment method in this help article : Accepted payment methods , if you still need assistance you need to contact customer support to help , make sure you are login to your account you will find fill out our contact form at the bottom of the page click on it and after submit your email query :

Note : if you are from india you will have issues when you make a payment and this is outside control of coursera its coming from the gouvernment you can see this thread to see why and maybe you will find a some solutions provided by some learners  :


Hi @codineer,

* Please make sure you are using an accepted payment method. They are listed on this Help Article.

* If you are using a learning program, switch to your Coursera account.

* If your location is India, please read the section which covers the India error message.

* Regarding application, do you mean financial aid application? If so, make sure you have written enough words in each section. You can post a screenshot here so that I can see the error.

* Finally, if you still need help, please click the Contact Us button at the end of the article. Don't forget to log in when you are on the article page.

All the best.

@salahny, we posted simultaneously again and I did not see your reply! :D

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Thanks for the help but i tried all that but its still an issue, i can’t submit the application

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@Maryam .yes it’s happens to me a lot also with other members :smile:.

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It’s so annoying, what should i do 

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secondly, if i start a course free 

can i later on make a payment for the same course and get the certificate without loosing my progress

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you are welcome @codineer  .if you can’t submit financial aid application it’s happen for many reason : 

1- if you already submit 11 application you must wait until one of the application approved and submit new one because the maximum for financial aid is 11 application at the same time .

2- some addon in the browser not compatible with coursera so try to remove all the addon or use another browser with last updated browser and try to submit your application .

- for indian learners they have a difficulties you need to follow the help article to make payment or wait for coursera provide other options .

for your second question yes if you audit the course you can purchase the certificate you will not lose any progress you will get your certificate when you submit all the assignments and if you start it for free and you complete all the work you can purchase the certificate you can learn more in this help article : Enrollment options

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You guys are very helpful, Thanks … but the application form submission error isn’t 

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Hi @codineer

Are you from India? 

Learners from India are currently facing this payment issue, and probably, it’s not from Coursera’s side. Check this post answered by Jose A: