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Active courses do not show up on account.

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I am enrolled on a course and have paid for the certificate. I began the course one week ago and yesterday I completed week 1.
This morning I signed onto my account and cannot find any 'active' courses.

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Hi Magela,

Did you sign into Coursera the same way? Perhaps you have accidentally set up two separate accounts. You won't see the progress you have made if you signed into a different account. Try Check for a second Coursera Account:
Hi @Magela ,

Following what Pat said, if account signing was not an issue, you may benefit from this thread: . There was an issue on this for a long while but last time I checked a couple of weeks ago, it seemed to be fixed. If it’s not fixed for everyone, it may be best for you to contact the help centre for a live chat by clicking the Help Centre on the top right corner of this community page. Hopefully, they will get it fixed.

Best wishes.


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