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Why is a good job “good”?

  • 11 March 2019
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I recently saw this headline in the NYTimes magazine and was intrigued by it: “Why is a good job good?”
What do you think makes a job “good”? The people? Pay? Perks? Your boss? Success level you can attain? ???

2 replies

I thought I should answer this question myself since I posed it. A good job probably means different things to different people and differs at varying life stages as well. A job I considered good when I was young, energetic and growing my career might not be so as I age.
A good job in my life was one that allowed me to be creative. I was a successful music teacher for over 40 years. I loved that I was able to do anything I wanted to and not have to follow a strict curriculum. I created the curriculum, which would change as needed for the groups or the times. When I first interviewed for the job, the Principal had many unsuccessful teachers. Students would enter a music room and think it was party time, a break from the academics, time to socialize. There were no music books, recordings, instruments, internet, or music. There was no curriculum. The other music teachers just sat at the piano and sang songs with the classes. That should have been a signal to run away, but the challenge and creativity was so exciting to me. I thrived with this challenge. Eventually I had built an award winning music program, obtained hundreds of musical instruments, recordings, music , computers , vide equipment and all sorts of motivational equipment. I recognize that for others, starting a job with no equipment can be scary, but I thrived.
Being in a collaborative environment with people who enjoy working together was also important. Working on joint projects with English teachers, art teachers, gym teachers, all helped create experiences for students that worked well.

What about you? What aspect of your job is satisfying?
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Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experience, @Judith. For me, a good job is rooted firmly in a strong organizational culture and organizational values that align with my own. Being surrounded by people who care about their work, care about the world, and care about their relationships with their coworkers is important to me (some of the reasons I enjoy working at Coursera!). In a good job, my strengths are recognized, valued, and leveraged and I'm supported in strengthening my weaker areas. Sometimes I wish that I could thrive in places without support, and I can make it work, but it's not sustainable for me in the long run. A book that has helped me understand and listen to my own needs when it comes to a good job is Making Work Work for the Highly Sensitive Person.