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What's the best online Business course you've taken?

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(It doesn't have to be a Coursera course!) What did you like about it?

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The best online course that I have taken was Business English Communication Skills Specialization offered by the University of Washington through coursera. I must say it was my very first experience and I enjoyed it. It was well put together and well taught simple to understand and I Aced the entire course. Today I am on the verge of a promotion.
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Wharton's entrepreneurship specialization was definitely one of the best business course that I took, but my favorite all time business course will be "Entrepreneurship 101" from MIT at edX since it offered so many practical examples and cases.
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Principles of Macroeconomics

The first one was good because I found it when I was searching for a job, It helped me a little but overall it was good enough as the professor was a great speaker.

I have taken the second one while I was taking the same course at the college, will it add a lot of knowledge to me as the one in my university was just an introduction. Also, the professor was better than the one I have in the college. one thing good was the Grading system and the fact that I passed with excellence while I I didn't pass the last exam. as it was stated that anyone gets above 80% will pass with excellence.


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