What I should do if my boss told me that “You should learn how to respect people when being confident yourself” ? | Coursera Community
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What I should do if my boss told me that “You should learn how to respect people when being confident yourself” ?

  • 6 December 2018
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Hi guyz,
I am currently working as a team leader of a small size company. My boss is not so much good at managing, therefore all the time since we were a start up company, 70% of work was done by myself and my team. He didn’t really touch what I did. It might be a reason why I am so confident now. Good side is that I could handle things without him. Bad one is that I am alsways looked unrespected towards him. Even when I wrote an Email, I do feel he was a little bit negative and hard on every single word that I used. To be better in Business Email writing, I enrolled a class concerning to the skill I lack. However, I am still worried if he will act naturally when I could write a better Business email content or what do you guys think if you step in my shoes?
I look forward to hearing from you.
Many thanks.


1 reply

One of the greatest challenges in our careers is how we deal with our bosses. Having worked for several different bosses, I have learned much as a result. We need to respect the position even if we disagree with how things are handled.
@Louise.L , it seems as if you are being respected by your boss or you wouldn’t be left alone. It is very frustrating to work for someone who is always questioning what you do and wants to see everything you do all the time. This is not the case with your boss.
You might have better skills at an area than your boss, but as a boss, he/she can still be critical. I was a better writer than my boss, but she always corrected what I wrote. Sometimes the corrections were silly, but other times she was right. Either way, as my boss, I made whatever changes she wanted, unless I vehemently disagreed. Then we would discuss it.
A boss is a human being and needs to be treated as one. I wouldn’t just see a boss when there was a problem, but would also want to share positive things as well. I would “visit” the boss after work, every now and then, to just hang out and discuss things, work related or not.
If you show your boss that you care and want to improve,I am sure your boss will be understanding. Showing that you have enrolled in a course to help you will show your boss that you want to become better. Most bosses would appreciate this.