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What do you think are some of the challenges faced by a Business HR?

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Business HR just like any other functional manager has to face many challenges in there daily work proceedings. There jobs are very powerful in nature and they are also referred as People Managers.

What are some of the challenges you think are faced by HR?

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well I think the following well be a challenge :
  • Recruitment : specially if the company have low salary.
  • Payroll Errors : It happens if the company conduct it manually
they may face others challenges but this so far what I have seen until now.
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@Alaa_Essam, definitely one of those Challenges which can be given attention! It looks somewhat embarrassing when 'payroll errors' happen because people have to discuss money rather than ideas. HR is someone whom people consult with when they have organizational issues and then if the error is very less, people won't even discuss just to keep their good rapport and HR wouldn't even notice on certain cases if not pinged.


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