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What are the best finance courses out there?

  • 29 January 2019
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Have you taken a course on finance?

I never have. It's a topic that had never truly interested me. But then I watched this short Q&A video with Financial Markets instructor Robert Shiller and I began to reconsider...

Which finance courses do you recommend and why?

2 replies

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Hi Laura,

i do this course Financial Markets and i can say, it gives you a broad overview of Financial Markets. Robert Shiller is in my view a good instructor and he can explain (difficult) things simply. Another course is "The Global Financial Crisis." Main topic is the GFC 2008/2009, the Lehman Brothers bankrupt, the AIG rescue, the securization (ABS,CDS and MBS) and many other topics. In my view this is for people the want a deeper understanding of the GFC.

Also a interesting course i picked up for me is "Economics of Money and Banking." In this course i read in the syllabus, the topic is the monetary systems, how central banks act and their measures through the GFC and many more. I´m consider this course for me.

I hope i help you a bit.
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Yes, this is helpful information – thank you for sharing your perspective, @Marcus! Being able to explain difficult things simply is a sign of a great educator. My sister and I were recently discussing how our father would so patiently explain mathematics concepts to us when we struggled with our homework. If we didn't understand his first explanation, he would try another approach. Of course, online learning is different! If you haven't done so already, you might like to vote in this poll asking "What matters most to you in a video lecture?"