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What are some of Globalization effects on Business Expansion?

  • 11 November 2018
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Intrinsically, every Company has a desire to not just run business in the Country it was Founded but root out and expand to other Countries as well and make a footprint there by going global. Although, it sounds simple, there are sometimes cultures which they aren't familiar with or has to create a market for their product in the new place, export fees, human resources related issues etc. What do you think are the hurdles for Companies when they go Global?

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Two courses come to my mind that talks about globalization broadly and especially culture. The first course is on 'International Leadership and Organizational Behavior' from Bocconi University and the other one which vividly talks about prevalent management models and changes that can be possible considering a modern company. The course is on 'Managing the Company of the Future' from University of London.

Although, these courses tried to prepare you for the company of a future or deal with cultural barriers, there are still many other practical challenges faced by Company owners which can be discussed.