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What advice would you give to someone interested in business?

  • 14 December 2018
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What advice would you give someone who is thinking about studying business?

Is there anything you wish you had known before you began your own career? Or, if you aren't working in business, what questions do you have about careers in business?

(Tagging some people who might want to answer this!) @Mohammad Sameer Hasan @muntima @Annesha Kar Gupta @NetWork @Mariquit @Mohammed Aslam Jeelani @Arsany Joseph)

6 replies

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Good Morning Laura,

Thank you for inviting me to participate here. Let me meet your quires through your questions:-

1) What advice would you give someone who is thinking about studying business?

Business is the basis of human civilization. Human beings are different than animal because we started to cultivate crops and exchange locally. This is the only reason, why human being did not extinct when its habitat goes empty earlier days.

Current position:- Historically, it was restricted and dominated by some particular countries which led too many wars. Now, the day has come when we need to spread business for equal economic growth among nations. The Agenda taken by United Nations on Sustainable Development Goals, Goal 08 speaks about Decent work and Economic growth can reduce poverty, hunger, inequality and increase good health and well-being, quality education, gender equality, Peace and justice and bring partnership to its other goals by which we can get the benefit for whole Earth without leaving anyone behind.

Risk:- There are many risks, certain and uncertain, but I want to distinguish this issue into two other heads,

  • Personal risk:- People avoid business out fear of loss or bankruptcy, or legal issues or Failure in arrangement of capital or otherwise. that problem can be solved, but...
  • Democracy:- Spreading rapid business can promote dictatorship rather democracy by limiting the resources into the hands of some particular and successful businessmen.
In conclusion, I want to say that we must promote business. It is beneficial for our society, but we need to be careful about the aspect of destroying democracy too.

2) Is there anything you wish you had known before you began your own career? Or, if you aren't working in business, what questions do you have about careers in business?

I was in law profession. I got chance to study LLM at London, but I got ill and had to came back forthwith. Then again I got chance to study Law at University of London which I am studying currently with them, but at that time my senior, under whom I worked in India as lawyer, he tried to stop my studies. I left my work then and joined United Nation as volunteer.

I passed my higher secondary examination with commerce from India. Still, I love to study and love learn anything if Coursera provide me financial aid because I am a student now and a volunteer at UN.

Secondly, I know about business. I don't have any question, but again if Coursera suggest me any course to more on this issue, I will definitely jump to that course. That's all.

With regards,
Annesha Kar Gupta
hello Laura
first of all in studying business you have to know that it has multiple aspects , you have to know something about business dynamics and system thinking which give you a helicopter view how things related and their effects directly and indirectly on each other ,and from this perspective you have to study business analytics, finance, economics and marketing beside business administration rules
I know each field has its own science but when some learners satisfied with one aspect only I think they leave a great part of the whole picture behind
begin with a slice from each part then dig deeper as the whole objective from that is to know the impact of business decisions on its different parts and from various perspective
Please don’t hesitate to ask once you need
best Regards
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Thinking about the role of business as the basis of human civilization is really interesting. When I think about business, I think about it in today's society, but considering its past and future seems equally – if not more – important. @Annesha Kar Gupta, thanks for tying this into the Sustainable Development Goals, too. As a UN volunteer are you working on any of these goals specifically?

Systems thinking is key, @Arsany Joseph! What you're saying here reminds me of an essay question I had to answer when I was taking an exam many years ago, which was, "Is it preferable to be a specialist or a generalist?" (This must have been an exam on writing effective arguments!) Expertise in a specific area is beneficial but having broad knowledge is also important. Thanks for sharing your insights!
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Good morning Laura,

Thank you very much for your appreciation towards my thinking. Yes, I am working at Sustainable Development Goals. I got my first chance from Coursera through Leiden University and after that UN invited me to join & work with them as volunteer.

Thinking about the past & future for business is very important because. Many war happen, at decades, for business, along with land and other issues. We need a peaceful future where money will not be concentrated in the hands of particular businessmen and everyone can start business with small capital.

This is one of the reason why Coursera is very special to me.

Hi Laura

Thanks for starting this discussion. When I was in college, my Business Professor used to say that if you have degree in Business Management, You can work in any organization in the world.

The skills you gain from Business Degree are, Decision making, Logical Thinking, Successful Presentation, Report Writing skills, Analytical and Critical Thinking, Strong Communication skills and a great understanding of how organizations operate.

I have always followed this advise from Warren Buffett about career:
Quote "Its' better to hang out with people better that you. Pick out associates whose behavior is better that yours and you'll drift in that direction." - Warren Buffett
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Having worked in the MBA education space, I know that it can be daunting to explore the vast array of programs and providers in business education. Thankfully, there are ways to explore this space (including Coursera 🙂 before deciding whether or where to pursue further studies. I love this article on ways to explore business courses for free, which can give you a great sense of which type of business education is right for you.