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Webinar: The New Digital Content Model

  • 12 March 2019
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Webinar: The New Digital Content Model
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Learn how to immediately begin integrating your marketing efforts into an integrated digital strategy.

One of the biggest challenges facing businesses is how to mix social, digital and traditional marketing into a holistic, metrics based marketing strategy. This fast-paced webinar will explore one of the newest and most effective ways to integrate your sales and marketing efforts. Developed by Google and YouTube, this strategy will grow your market share, enhance customer relationships, and develop the ratings and reviews your prospects will use to make purchase decisions.

This webinar took place on 26 March 2019.

Webinar Recording

Select Questions Answered in the Webinar
  • Has "content curation" become a buzzword?
  • Do you make a distinction between how B2Bs and B2Cs use content marketing? What about in terms of content mix – curated v. created?
  • Are hashtags still working to build leads?
  • What do you think of auto likes and auto followers for Twitter and Instagram?
  • Are click funnels a good way to bring awareness to products?
  • Is there a program or software that can tell me more information about who is currently following me on different social media channels so I can learn more about my target audience?
  • Is there a best practice ratio for how much time you spend on social media marketing compared to traditional marketing?
  • Who you follow on social media for cutting edge info?
Webinar Resources

The webinar slides are attached to this post as a PDF.

Digital Marketing Planner for 2019 – Click this link and scroll down a bit. Click "Digital Marketing Planner for 2019 Workbook" – this is the Excel calendar template that Prof. Hlavac talks about in the webinar.

... And stay tuned for these upcoming webinars:
About the Speaker
Randy Hlavac is an expert in digital marketing and how to use consumer and business big data to define, target, and develop high value markets. Randy teaches Digital, Social and Mobile Marketing Strategies in the Medill IMC program, Marketing Analytics in the McCormick Engineering Management program and Social Media and Content Curation in the School of Professional Studies at Northwestern University. Randy also works with The Garage and the Farley Entrepreneurial program to assist entrepreneurs to grow and position their brand using social and digital marketing. In addition to teaching, Randy is director of the OmniChannel Initiative – a joint venture with IBM to bring new business and marketing technologies into the college curriculum at Northwestern.

Randy also helped Northwestern develop Coursera online programs in Social Media Marketing and Content Strategy and Content Curation. These courses are offered worldwide and have students in over 150 countries. They are some of the largest online programs on marketing and content in the world.

Randy is CEO of Marketing Synergy, Inc. Founded in 1990, Marketing Synergy helps clients from start-ups to Fortune 100 to develop effective digital marketing strategies and deploy the marketing, customer service, and financial metrics systems to improve profits and grow market share.

Randy is also the author of the book – Social IMC – Social Strategies with Bottom-Line ROI and will soon be publishing Prosper – Your Guide to Building Profitable Digital Marketing Programs. Randy is also a blogger on digital and social marketing technologies.

Randy can be reached at R-Hlavac@northwestern.edu or you can Skype him at randy.hlavac and follow him on Twitter at @RandyHlavac.

8 replies


Hi Randy,

I am viewing your presentation after 1 year of shoot and it remains as relevant as it was back then.


I want to know whether social media engagement must be done through companies name (profile page) or founders network. Because we have seen that there is a general notion that any post from company handle would generally have some sales angle attached to it. Also wouldnt it dilute brand positioning. For. Eg. Mcdonalds has target market of youngsters but it wouldnt start writing about topics like new games kike PUBG which might actually interest its users.


So what should be right course of action in this case?



I shouldn't use abbreviations when discussing important topics. Sorry. The actual name is Position Zero. When search started, businesses wanted to have the organic search put their company on page one of the results. They used SEO - Search Engine Optimization - to do it. THEN, pay per click [ppc] advertising was created and companies wanted to pay to ensure they were on the first page and, ideally, at position one. The first PPC ad on the page.

Position Zero is new. It is using what are called Snippets which are designed to provide the most important - from the standpoint of the Google AI systems - answer to any search. Go to Google and search for the term SEO. At the top is a Snippet containing the most common questions people ask. That is Position Zero.

Some companies are changing their websites to have questions and answers in the hope the Google AIs will put their company at Position zero. Search for Position zero to find a large number of recent articles on it.

WHY IS IT IMPORTANT? Because, in the near future, most searches will be done using smart phones and most people will hear audio responses to their questions. What will they hear? They will hear the Position Zero response. Here is a recent article on types of content in Position Zero. Here is another on "what is Position Zero". Enjoy!
Randy mentioned "P Zero" concept in the webinar. Can someone tell me what this refers to? And where I can find more info? When I google it I am not sure it is pulling up the right thing.
Ok. Thank you.
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Hi @Pritwings. Yes, a link to the recording of the webinar will be posted here soon! I will also be sending an email with a link to everyone who registered for the webinar (whether or not they attended the webinar live).
Hello @Laura , I totally missed the live webinar 😞

Is it possible for me to access the post recording?
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Hi @Vicki. Yes! Webinar registrants will be sent a link to the webinar recording, which will be posted here. Thanks for checking in.
Hi There, I live in Hong Kong, that will be 4am my time. Wondering if I can still access the recording of the webinar at a later time?