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Webinar: Social Media Marketing Specialization Overview

  • 13 March 2019
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Webinar: Social Media Marketing Specialization Overview
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While the Northwestern Social Media Marketing Specialization was created in 2014, it's updated every quarter to add new social strategies, tactics, and social analytics tools to best grow your market share and build strong relationships with your customers and prospects. In this 1-hour webinar, you'll explore the new additions to the Specialization. The Social Media Marketing Specialization is designed to allow you to build customized social marketing programs for any market you want to develop and gives you the analytics and marketing tools, tips and methodologies to design, justify, manage and continually improve your marketing programs. Learn how it can help you and your organization by attending this fast-paced exploration of the Northwestern Social Media Marketing Specialization on Coursera.

This webinar took place on April 24.

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About the Speaker
Randy Hlavac is an expert in digital marketing and how to use consumer and business big data to define, target, and develop high value markets. Randy teaches Digital, Social and Mobile Marketing Strategies in the Medill IMC program, Marketing Analytics in the McCormick Engineering Management program and Social Media and Content Curation in the School of Professional Studies at Northwestern University. Randy also works with The Garage and the Farley Entrepreneurial program to assist entrepreneurs to grow and position their brand using social and digital marketing. In addition to teaching, Randy is director of the OmniChannel Initiative – a joint venture with IBM to bring new business and marketing technologies into the college curriculum at Northwestern.

Randy also helped Northwestern develop Coursera online programs in Social Media Marketing and Content Strategy and Content Curation. These courses are offered worldwide and have students in over 150 countries. They are some of the largest online programs on marketing and content in the world.

Randy is CEO of Marketing Synergy, Inc. Founded in 1990, Marketing Synergy helps clients from start-ups to Fortune 100 to develop effective digital marketing strategies and deploy the marketing, customer service, and financial metrics systems to improve profits and grow market share.

Randy is also the author of the book – Social IMC – Social Strategies with Bottom-Line ROI and will soon be publishing Prosper – Your Guide to Building Profitable Digital Marketing Programs. Randy is also a blogger on digital and social marketing technologies.

Randy can be reached at R-Hlavac@northwestern.edu or you can Skype him at randy.hlavac and follow him on Twitter at @RandyHlavac.

2 replies

I am interested in your views as to the suddenly "limiting" factor of what we generally refer to as "Social Media" in 2019, given all the fefarious interventions which use it or are created by it. Surely this is a "downside" worth spending a penny on, I'd say. What say you?
Social media is growing every year. Take a look at this trend study from Statista by clicking HERE. While there are privacy issues and other interventions, that is the norm with any growing technology. It will change. In the Social Media Marketing Specialization, we tell our participants to learn to "Ride the Wave of Change". Yesterday, MySpace was huge. Now it is Facebook but younger people are leaving them. In the near future, another star will ascend. There isn't a downside here. People are using social to make purchase decisions. People are using social to rate companies and discuss their problems. It is how the world communicates...for social and for business. Invest in social marketing...in my opinion