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  • 16 September 2020
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I’ve had a lot of advanced accounting courses, but are missing some like cost accounting, auditing, business law. I want to learn the content then study for and  take the CMA or CPA exam. (I have an unrelated B.S. degree so qualify to take the exam). Will Coursera courses teach me what I would learn in a traditional classroom setting on these specific topics or are is it abbreviated content?


3 replies

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@ShellyJano Coursera courses will teach you more than what you would learn in a traditional classroom setting on the specific topics that you have mentioned, there are always new coursera courses available to learn.

Check out which courses are trending and in demand etc. I am sure you will find the courses you are looking for here. 

Have fun learning! 

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@ShellyJano , Coursera courses are like the best of everything at one place. In a traditional CMA & CPA or any chartered exams what I have noticed is that the training is so tedious and tiring that students sometimes understand the topics and sometimes they don't. The instructor teaches them for the sake of completing the syllabus and doesn't put much emphasize whether a student has grasped the topic or not. Here, at coursera, since I haven't come across any courses that qualifies for chartered examination yet, but you can always cover the important topics covered in the subjects even if the subjects don't follow the sequence as in the chartered exams. The Instructors put much emphasis on understanding the key concepts at Coursera. To support that they have included many resources where a student can get different views of understanding the same concept. 

Hope it Helps! 

The CPA exam has an educational requirement that needs 150 semester credits. B.S. degrees tend to give 120, so you will need to find another way to make up the other 30. That could mean either completing a master’s degree or graduate certificate program. Coursera courses would not give you those 30 credits, but can be useful in preparing for one of those programs.