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Short way to earn a diploma in corporate finance

  • 15 June 2019
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I have a degree in Environmental Health (BSc Hons) and unfortunately I was a bit complacent to fulfill my dream to becoming an Environmental Health practitioner as I went through a work placement at local authorities, but never tried to impress or even show interest that I wanted to be permanent or get a full time job (some families and relationship issues). Now I feel I need to do something in my life and do a career switch. So I'm looking to get into corporate banking sector and I have been advised to do align my CV towards finance and investment to be able to gain the required skills.
please advise on right course to follow, particularly the ones that take from 1 month to 12 months and financially reasonable fee.
Many thanks.

3 replies

Hello!, well in my case I have a slightly similar situation. I got a Computer Engineering undergraduate degree and I have extensive experience in financial companies. Even if the professional experience helped me to get the most out of finance knowledge, I think I need to fulfill that part and go for a Master's course in Finance which will equip me with the right tools to advance in my career. So, that's why I am looking to Finance and Investment courses. There are a lot of good programs, more in the UK, where the entry requirements are very flexible. You do not need to have a economics or business related background. The thing is that tuition fees are rather expensive, so you have to secure funds. Hope it helps!
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Hi! Economic Analyst at a stock exchange here.
From Coursera, I would recommend Financial Markets from Yale by Prof. Robert Shiller - a great foundational course on Finance for those without any finance background. Global Financing Solutions (by EDHEC and Société Générale) will go deeper into some rigorous corporate finance concepts. I also strongly recommend taking Investment Management Specialization from University of Geneva if you are looking into investment banking/asset management field.
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Here on coursera I would recommend: