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Project Management skills for young managers

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Hi Coursera Community members,

 Project management skills are vital to young managers. One of the important things about a project management job is that to succeed in it, you need several qualities in you. But all these qualities can be acquired through training and learning various courses on Coursera platform.

It is also important to learn how to plan projects and manage them. This is an important skill to be acquired.

If you want to learn the basics of Project management, you can enroll for a 4 weeks course - Fundamentals of project planning and management - offered by Darden School of Business, University of Virginia. 

I am a mentor to the above course. I welcome all of you, who have never had any basic training in project management to enroll for this short course.

You can never predict when you will be assigned a project management  responsibility in your organization. Young managers who have the skills get an advantage and get easily recognized by the top management. This helps in career growth. Performing well in project management gives you great recognition.



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Thanks for the tip! 


What are the do's and not do's as a project manager

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Thanks @Vija. I will try to go over the material at least by auditing. Thanks for the course recommendation

The Project Management Institute also offers the CAPM certification for new PMs. If you’re willing to study and make PM an integral part of your skillset, it’s totally worth it.