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  • 13 August 2019
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Hi All,
The Data Science is running trought the world like star with intellectual right seems way ahead with a technological revolution that is transforming to a trade war between china and the united states with the huwawei operator that has given birth to sophisticated sophistic technology with formodible options and low prices that allows the small consumer to take advantage of the supply unfortunatly with the google barrier thousands of subscribers will be deprived of the endroid to extend the communication with the whole world science is real weapon of iron everything is possible for to reach unlimited and independent solutions without brakes with several world leader of the smartphone the new store like Apple store, google ply here is now Harmony Bone already place not to deprive millions of subscribers in world to help the humanity it is necessary a great agreement between the major companies to find a common solution instead of arguing for personal interests think a little to others science is not t not a private property because the developer does not stop creating and inventing yet
I want a common and productive reasoning that allows the satisfaction of everyone
Best wish

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