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  • 8 November 2019
  • 5 replies

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Starting an online business is what I have been yearning for since my graduation however am yet to lay hold on any viable online business idea online.

Your kind suggestion(s )could really go long way to assist me. Currently, am taking a course on "Preparing to manage people and employee"  under Human Resources Management. 


5 replies

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I believe that you should identify the need of the market in which you are living. Only then it must be decided.

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Thanks @Parkashk459 for your feedback. Well, from my critical observation I noticed 80% of the youths are glued to their phones, i.e internet consumers are on the increase. Invariably, one could take an advantage of this medium to convert it to income generation. Because Significant numbers of youths ultimately dedicate their time to chatting, pinging etc. I just hope making any sense


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Yes, Online platform and social media networks are going viral substantially. But what I believe is that this might be some what riskier.

To mitigate risk, I presume that you should focus on filling market needs that will help you grow beneficially. For instance, in our country Pakistan, there is not convenience provided on buying daily items such as sugar, sauces, and such household items. So i believe this is the major market here.

Same will be in your country as well.

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Thanks once again for sharing your opinion. We could connect via email:

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My address is

Feel free to discuss anything.


Ultimately, my point is to choose the path in which you have less competitors. Otherwise, surviving for long term would be difficult.