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Need your advice

  • 27 August 2019
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As a CEO appointed a year ago, am managing a branch of a global business that had serious issues from Leadership to Structure.
With loads of hard work, i successfully fixed most of these issues and brought the business back to profit. Although i still forecasting loads of challenges ahead. One of the issues (small) that i still facing is when it comes from the communication from our HQ to our brunch. I'd like to be CC'd on 90% of the emails to assure that they don't get lost in translations (ENG-German) no only for the fact of the language barrier, but cultural and and understood the instructions.

Question: How would be a good way to ask the HQ team considering the only C-Suite were aware of the issues, to include me on the emails in a way no questions are asked ? Hope i make sense.

3 replies

My understanding of the ISSUE : Your team is unable to understand the communication from HQ fully .

Your Solution is that ' as a branch head , you want all communication from HQ to be copied to you " ???

  1. Why is HQ communicating directly to the team ? Understanding this is crucial .
  2. What issues are the team facing ? Are there issues with not being able to comprehend communication from HQ ?
  3. How open and transparent are you with your team ? Do you have an open door policy or are free to be approached for discussing an issue ?
  4. What does your team think about you being copied on all communication ? Would your team think that you are " micro managing them and are a control freak" ?
If your issues are cultural and communication barriers, I would suggest you to engage your team on a 'cross cultural communication and behaviour' workshop. It can be a 2 or 3 day workshop to instill the basics and then may be an ongoing process where the team is allowed to discuss issues with the trainer or coach.
Interesting issue. Further tot the information given I can imagine that it is a culturele aspect in your company or it has grown due tot the performance of the former CEO. I would suggest to discuss this with the people of the HQ who are sending the information and point out your reasoning.
As the information is limited and a lot I don't know about the situation, I don't feel I can advise you on the right course. However, I find it quite alarming that you should feel the need to monitor most or all of email communications as it indicates to me that you don't trust your staff and they are not being managed in the optimal way. Transparency, trust and communication are fundamental to good leadership and management and the fact you are considering this indicates to me that you may need to look at your corporate culture, and take a look at yourself as a leader as well.

A workshop such as the one suggested by sunil1369 sounds like it may be a good idea, whether you start with that or that be part of the process once you've consulted with someone knowledgeable about corporate culture management and change management. I'd also recommend reading The Culture Code by Daniel Coyle and look into developing a culture deck for your organization - with your people.