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how to be a leader

  • 9 January 2021
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  • The first lesson of Module 1 focuses on the differences between management and leadership functions. It looks at the growth and fixed mindset models and how managers/leaders should apply these. Finally, this lesson will explore SMART goals and why managers/leaders need to be part of the 8% of people who reach their goals.

  • Management Competencies and Why They Matter

    Lesson 2 focuses on the difference between skills and competencies. In this lesson, you will dive into the key competencies of a manager and leader, and you will investigate the best practices to use and how to develop competencies. To conclude, you will research the different types of leaders and famous examples that a leader/manager can learn from.

  • Why is Leadership So Important in the Workplace?

    This lesson explores why leadership makes a difference. Managers and leaders need to understand the impact leadership makes as well as the impact of negative leadership. You will explore the key dimensions of leadership and the approaches you need to work on to become a successful leader. The lesson also dives into how leaders can lead with resolve and humility.

  • What Kind of Leader Are You?

    During this lesson, you will build on your knowledge from the previous three lessons and dive into the different types of approaches leaders can take. You will investigate and fully understand the difference between transactional and transformational leadership.

  • Key Principles of Leadership Each Leader Should Know

    This lesson is aimed at giving leaders and managers the soft skills needed to lead their teams. The lesson will focus on how to be a respectful manager or leader, and will also look at how to build and maintain trust with your team. Finally, the lesson will explore how managers and leaders can take responsibility and lead with courage.

  • Be a Leader That Works to Create a Healthy Company Culture

    Culture is one of the most important aspects of any company. This lesson focuses on giving managers and leaders the tools needed to manage culture. The lesson explores the impact of culture and leadership, how to change the company culture, and how a leader/manager can create a mission that successfully links in with the company culture.

  • Be a Leader That Promotes Diversity

    Diversity management is key management and leadership competency. This lesson looks at the meaning of diversity and how to manage diversity effectively. The lesson also explores the challenges managers and leaders face when managing diversity. Diversity audits will also be explained.

  • Leaders Empower By Using Innovation and Creativity

    This lesson explores the need for managers and leaders to understand the role of innovation and creativity in the workplace. This lesson will give managers and leaders the skills needed to promote innovation and creativity in the workplace. Finally, the lesson explores the importance of knowledge sharing and collaboration.

  • Why Top Leaders/Managers Master the Art of Communication

    The importance of communication is more relevant than ever. This lesson explores the importance of communication in the workplace, followed by the key communication tools for managers and leaders, and the skills needed to present effectively.

  • How to Be a Leader That Understands Different Personality Types

    Managing people is key for any manager or leader. This lesson will dive into the different management and leadership techniques needed to manage both extroverts and introverts. The perception theory will be explored to understand how managers and leaders think. Finally, the importance of bias management will be outlined.

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To dive deeper into the growth vs. fixed mindset, I found the following book to be really helpful “Mindset: the new psychology of success. How we can learn to fulfill our potential” by Carol S. Dweck, Ph.D.