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How do you attract next generation leaders?

  • 13 October 2019
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Given the necessity of dynamic capabilities in an organisation, an organisation have to attract young professionals for continuity.

3 replies

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It depends on what you are offering. Young professionals with high energy levels and great sense of purpose, usually fit well when they are offered leadership positions because they contain tremendous enigma to contribute not just primary in their own area of interest but are easy choosing for multiple teams looking to grow by giving to the organization horizontally and vertically as a Mentor or Advisor which sets the bar too high for anyone to match. This is only possible if their needs and goals are identified. You would love to help them with management degree or perks and benefits in terms of appreciation and reward for every contribution they make which will give them a boost to perform with more agility and vigilance. The best way one can do is ask and the rest will follow. 

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Very thoughtful of you. Hiring is an expensive exercise, recruiting process must be great in order to get great candidates. 

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To attract the upcoming leaders, you need to identify their path and interest, and through which you can make a convicing statement to get him/her towards you.