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Global Business

  • 12 October 2019
  • 3 replies

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Please who can enlighten me more about global business

3 replies

Could you please what you mean and explain what you are looking for?

Best Robert

The concept of global business may be more understood when one differentiate an international business (the selling of goods and services across international boundaries) from global business (the production system of goods and services by multinational corporations-at a global scale). International business has production facilities only in the home country while global business engages in a global operation of facilities.

Multinational companies like Apple, Starbucks, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, etc. have a global network of production and distribution of their products often localised in the different countries they operate in. 

Global business and global strategy are highly involved with foreign direct investments. This may be clearly understood and appreciated with the understanding that the global economy is factored by the activities and specialisations of multinational corporations and foreign direct investment activities. 

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Also, for m my point of view the services that can be offered out the country boarder could be considered as global business like medical tourism and international patients referral.

Now, the business has no boundaries.