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Financial Markets – What did you love? What did you learn?

Financial Markets – What did you love? What did you learn?
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The course of the week is Financial Markets taught by Robert Shiller at Yale.

@Claire and I are hoping that together we can help people find great courses through the community. Every week, we're featuring a course and inviting people who have taken the course to share their course highlights and how they're using what they learned.

Have you taken Financial Markets?

What did you like about it?

What were the key skills and knowledge you gained from the course?

Who would benefit from taking this course?

What have you done with what you learned?

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Dear Laura:

iam very happy to read you thanks for your post ihave Aleready got certificates withe yale university in financial market since 2015
ifound Mr Robert shiller very nice teacher withe his Noble prize

Good Luck
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The "Financial Markets" course with Prof. Robert Shiller is one of those courses that are amazingly accessible to those who would otherwise not be able to attend, e.g. Yale classroom. Prof. Shiller is an absolute wealth of information, gained both by long-term experience and also amazing brilliance (he predicted the 2007-2009 housing crisis, has an S&P index, et al.).

If you are able to take this course, even if audit-only do it. It will "fill in those blanks" that you may not have gotten back in college, or otherwise.

It is a great course and I highly recommend it.
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Thank you, @groepler! I moved your post to this thread started for reviews of this course. I must admit that I'm still in week 1 of the course – it's my first business/finance/economics course and a lot of the terms are new to me. I love listening to Robert Shiller speak, though!
Hello everyone !
The Financial Markets course by Prof. Robert Shiller is a great source to get an insight of all major pillars of finance. The course is well structured and well taught by the professor.

I'd surely recommend this course anyone who is interested in finance, economics, business and all related fields.

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Dear Chinmay:

welcome iAppreciate your thread ifind it excellent iam laready got certificate withe Robert shiller nice professor in financial Market has got the nobel praize in economy in 2013

this is my id below

A very interesting course. Now I am retired. In the past years I worked in a Bank, so I have a little familiarity with some arguments of the course. I adjoin the teacher's explications are very clear.
The Financial Markets course by Prof. Robert Shiller is well organized.
You can learn how traditional knowledge in finance works in the real world.
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I took this course a year ago, when I had no idea about finance or any of it's technical term but wanted to learn about it. The thing that makes this course great are the 'Chalk Talk' where Prof. himself teaches and explains all the technical terms. I learned so many things and it inspired me to take Economics in University. I also mentor this course, and I feel so grateful to mentor a course by Prof. Robert Shiller.

I highly recommend this course to everyone who wants to learn from a Nobel Prize winner and want to have a firm grip of the foundations of the Financial Markets.
Like the way he teaches Finance with simplicity, Market no only driven by Number and Spreadsheet , Major role is human emotion .
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Prof. Robert Shiller is a very humble man. i like the simplicity with which he handles the various aspects of the course. I am already learning a lot and enjoying the course.
Thank you.