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Diversity & Inclusion – Raising awareness of unconscious bias

  • 10 October 2019
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I am working on unconscious bias at workplace and how they cann effect on processes and relationships, I am designing a session focused on raising awareness. A part of the differences on gender, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, religion, politc orientation, do you have in mind more hunderhanded biases or prejudices (e.g. how someone is trendy, beautiful...) ?
Thanks all!

2 replies

In my opinion you address two separate issues here. The unconscious bias which relates to nature and feelings. At the other hand the underhanded bias which relates to nurtur influances.
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Hi @LD fausta. This is a great question and challenge – did you come up with additional unconscious biases? I do think physical appearance (or beauty bias) is one. Here’s an article with an interesting list: What is unconscious bias in recruitment? This article lists these types of unconscious bias (some are more applicable specifically to recruitment, like contrast bias):

  • affinity bias
  • attribution bias
  • beauty bias
  • conformity bias
  • confirmation bias
  • contrast effect
  • gender bias
  • halo effect
  • horns effect

Did you already have your session? How did it go?