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Did you started your own Business yet ?

  • 22 November 2018
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I have always heard that working for others is not the best option, and opening your own business is the best thing you can do,


Did you start your own Business yet?

if not what is the difficulties that face you? "Financing, Management, the market, etc"

well for me I want to start my own business, the problem with me is to get enough funds to start it, and the market in my country is not stable.

Currently I',m searching for fundraising online, hope I will find it soon.

What about you, did you started your business yet?

2 replies

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Would anyone here be interested in starting a compliance/auditing consulting firm?
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I am into few businesses but they were already in operation before I took charge. I took the mantle to run for Indian operations, thus identifying suitable market and customers are the main challenge at the moment. When you are starting young, without much recognition and accreditations, it's tough to convince people about the work you are doing. Peer network as well as relatives and friends become your initial customers and ambassadors. One should always keep their options open for all types of businesses. Because, businesses may or may not survive due to other businesses dominating the chart but in order to keep your own plate full, one needs to be aware, when to enter a business, when to launch it and when to run multiple businesses at a time and then wait for one that clicks. If one is into business, they should look for two or three business idea's or turn them into two or three projects and take charge. That develops a good understanding of business and market encircling that service or product as well as helps to capitalize on fundraising sites. FundableGofundmeKickstarterPatreon are all good options to look for fundraising.