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Career Diversification

  • 24 August 2019
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I am a Legal Practitioner in Nigeria, but I want to diversify into the corporate world. I am interested in possible certifications that can aid my transition.

I do not mind pointers towards courses or certification, that can position me for a compliance role.


4 replies

International Legal Practitioner is a suggestion
I don't know any certifications in that area but I wish you the best, I'm sure though you will find some direction from a google search. I did
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Specialisation course in strategic management and leadership will be a great start.
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I think, you can look at this topic for your business related courses. You can also join business strategic related courses if that interests you. 

Additionally, if want to build upon your existing legal practitioner role, these legal courses might add value in your pursuit to gain more diverse perspective into this field and maybe learn new things.