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Business on infrastructures – how do I start my own business?

  • 17 December 2019
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My name is Mengistu Tadesse a graduate of civil engineering and now at work employed by government on hydro power dam mega project since 2016. But now i want to work privately in all areas of infrastructures . Since i havn’t experience in private business i am afraid of leaving the government job. Dear professionals, how can i start my own business?


Thank you.

3 replies

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Hello Mengistu,

This is great, you should do this. I am currently working and well, it has been 10 years now, yet in my mind, I always have the idea to start my own project. 

It is not difficult, but you will have to decide in which field or sector, what are you good at, and where you have more connections/network?

For me, I have some IT background, and got friends who can help. I am planning to start something in education, online platform, thus, less expenses while keeping my job. 



In My Opinion @Mengistu  I feel you should first identify the area where you have business interests, and areas you are passionate about, in line with what you dream of becoming, then knowing what is available to you because access is also important, when you identify this key areas then you can get into other steps required because am a Computer Engineer with over 10years experience and also have my own company since 2015, so you can.


Hi, Mengistu.

Happy new year to all. In my opinion, the most difficult part of starting your own bussiness are the emotional challenges you have fo face. The first of all, and its completly normal, the fear of leaving your goverment job (and income check, obviusly). Please, for all means, DON'T! At least, not now

The world of the bussiness owner its diferent from the world of the employee. Im not saying one is better than the other. They are just different, and play with a different set of rules. 

Rule 1. You should start your bussiness having in mind that there is no safety there. Bussiness is the world of risks, and you should learn to handle them. Those risks include the fact that there is no safe-monthly payment there. You should pay everyone  (you own employees, other professionals you need to hire to get things done, rent, materials, office supplies, and a large etc) before you can see any profit. That's normal. That lead us the next rule.

Rule 2. You should start knowing that rewards will come in time, probably, mid-long term. Think like the farmer. He will not sow his seeds today and will want to eat them tomorrow. It will take time. Meanwhile he should have enough lo live on from other sources. That why you dont quit your job.

This may sound trivial, but I know people that have started their own business not considering this two rules before. If the odds are against, starting with wrong ideas is suicide.

So, remember, the bussiness owner needs to think diferent from employee. Sometimes, completly the opposite way. Start there, knowing those diferences before. Not just the ones I mencioned.

Good luck 👍