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21st Century Leadership Skills

  • 16 October 2019
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Be a 21st century leader with these courses recommended by @daarey!

@daarey recommends these courses to transcend everyday business acumen.

  1. Strategic Leadership and Management (Specialization)

  2. Leading People and Teams (Specialization)

  3. Career Success (Specialization)

  4. Achieving Personal and Professional Success (Specialization)

  5. Data-driven Decision Making

  6. Leadership in 21st Century Organizations

  7. Moralities of Everyday Life

  8. Women in Leadership: Inspiring Positive Change

  9. The Music of the Beatles

Read more about why @daarey recommends these courses. Visit the official Coursera Collection here.

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3 replies

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Hello everybody really you are making me scale up my learning strategy . I am really inspired by you for the best collections of Coursera collection courses for shaping the personality and careers paths ,for me i like to learn the left courses and specialization that will help me be a CEO in future .the specializations and courses i have in my journey of learning in Coursera as follows:

Strategic Leadership and Management specialization:  

This the first part of IMBA . in this specialization there are many courses that lead to full understanding of managing organizations from the early stat  as a base to finished and get to goals and  and how to lead the organization to the core competitive value among all organizations . Also the heart and head of everyday leadership winch are information and motivation

Conflict Management Specialization:

What a great specialization  after the strategic leadership .In this specialization any one who wants to a polish or sharpen his knowledge of conflicts and how be full a ware of all parts of conflicts and how use skills dealing with it from active listening ,speaking ,involving third parties ,knowing when to intervene, the consequence of unresolved conflicts .All this topics shed light on why conflicts happened and the main reasons and causes of conflict and master a sense of vigilance and smart behaviors and attitude

Introduction to Project Management Principles and Practices Specialization:

In this specialization you are going to know how to be a project manger and how to start project with all various types of stages and steps like sequence planning ,implementing ,sequence activities ,budgeting & scheduling projects.M&E and closing and finalizing and get use of the short comes found in all stages as lessons learnt for next projects.

Patient safety Specialization:

If you want to know and to be aware of what health and standards of health precautions,what  is going on the hospitals and cases and problems also the 4 and 6E’s in which it takes the division and medical department and in other sectors in all fields of work  to be the leaders in safety and quality of patients .The journey of  patients since they enter hospitals till they recover from diseases.Also the rates and averages of medical success and failure around the world 

The other security courses I have as follow:

International Travel Preparation, Safety, & Wellness :

This course help you know how  to be well prepared for travel internally and externally with all kinds of means of communications and transportation,what to do , how to behave in strange work environment and sources of information you need to know and follow when in danger.

Risks in Modern Societies.

This course discuss all the risk and hazards of countries regarding the accidents happened  because of man- made and natural disasters and how to overcome those risks and challenges  

Security & Safety Challenges in a Globalized World:

also have the same values and objectives of the above course and it is widely deeding dive into the the catastrophic of nature  like volcanoes, hurricanes,floods, tornadoes,earthquakes  and what measures should be done in order to alleviate the risks of the consequences of bad planning,

Improving Communication Skills.:

skills needed for facilitating and easing ways and tools of communications in a professional manners and characteristics of personal appearances and body languages and contacts also listening and speaking skills 

Negotiation Fundamentals.:I

in this fabulous course the role of laws and art of negotiations will build and help you know all parties involved ,who they represent,what they look for and what is supposed to reach by your or your mandates goals and approaches of negotiations  and the golden advice negotiation fundamentals understanding does not mean accepting. Knowing limits of mandates and so not a cross the red lines and how to go back to him whenever there new things appears  to overcome misunderstanding and stress negotiators face, also doing first things doing like preparation before action, active listening before active speaking ,value creation before value claiming ….


Information Security: Context & Introduction:

in this course the knowledge and information needed for dealing with information and the systems of phones and mechanism  of operating the data and languages used in programming 

Learning how learn:powerful mental course:

this course should be the first course taken by learners to know to take ,absorb and think of storing information received by  brain whether for the temporary or permanent memory .also defuse and focused modes of grasping knowledge and information.


Personality Types at Work :

This great course explains all types of personalities and how to deal with them and all things they like and dislike ,testing the personalities by Myre-Briggs ,birds test whether your personality is a introverts or extroverts,sensor ,intuitive,thinker or feeler ,judger or perceiver . Also many other personalities tests like falcon,an eagle, owl,dove and peacock.


I like to study more and  more and  i like the Career success specialization and also i am in the second part of my IMBA Managerial & Business Analysis Specialization .

I liked the arts of story-telling and i need more time to advocate and how to be a journalist specialization. also deep learning . I have to go deep into analytical thinking .




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Thank you. Will go complete  negotiation fundamentals.

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That’s a great list, thanks for sharing!


I really enjoyed Leadership in 21st Century Organizations, I found it to be a really well taught, well rounded and thought provoking course. It takes you through the mythical (based in truth) story of a new CEO of an airline manufacturer and the challenges they faced. They also described Kotter’s 8 steps for applying innovation in the clearest way I’ve seen, essential for leadership in these rapidly changing times. 


I would also add Negotiation Fundamentals to your list. It’s a great course on learning the basics of negotiation including reviewing common approaches and their counter-argument.