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Why are some courses available for beta testing and not others?

  • 3 September 2019
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@Laura and @Genica I would like to know
1. What are the criteria for a course to appear or not appear in the list of courses available for beta testing? I mean, of late I see most courses are related to data science or computer science, not of my interest/ capability to test them. Though there are several courses in humanity or self-development that do not make it list, of courses available for beta testing but are being offered by the platform. When I open the resources tab to check the list, it also doesn't show them. For example a few courses on nutrition that never made it to the beta testing list (I came to know about their existence by @Laura post).
2. Is there a changed policy about the certificate on completing the course successfully for beta testers? I see a few courses (not all) that I enrol only make it to list of my purchases with earn certificate by date given. Once the course goes alive, that option just vanishes from the list or the assignments are locked for beta testers.

1 reply

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Hi @Namrata Tejwani. I moved your post to its own thread. I'm not very familiar with the beta tester program, so I'm afraid I don't have answers to your questions. @Genica is out of the office but I'm hoping she can respond when she's back. Thank you for your feedback and questions.