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Unsaved changes on the "Review Your Peers" page

  • 11 May 2019
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Hi, good day, fellow Beta Testers!

Well, I'm currently beta testing the following course: Foundations for Big Data Analysis with SQL, Cloudera (Data Science)

(Anyone's with me? 😁)

When I'm trying to provide feedback to other learner's work for the Peer-Review Assignment, I accidentally click on some random button, which then causes the browser to navigate from the "Review Your Peers" page to another webpage. When I click the "Go Back" button, it navigates back to the "Review Your Peers" page. However, I cannot recover all the reviews I've given to my peer. They are all gone.

I have no prior experience in any Peer-Review Assignment, so I'm not sure if this happens to all other courses as well. And since it happens to me while beta testing a course, so I think it is just right to post my doubt/suggestion here. And, it would be a great help if anyone who has experience in "Peer-Review Assignment" could clarify that this is happening to some other courses or not during the reviewing process.

If that's the case, there is a suggestion to deal with this issue, so that if there are any unsaved changes while the reviewing process has started, and if user wants to navigate to other webpages, there will be a warning message to remind the user that all changes will be lost (just like the Quiz).


1 reply

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@Genica, do you know the answer to this question?