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Unable To Fully Beta Test Microsoft Azure Courses WIthout Credit Card

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I started beta testing the following course today

Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB, Microsoft (Information Technology)


I went through the first couple of videos and gave feedback . But when I reached the first hands-on exercise entitled: Reading: Exercise - Create and view a table using the Azure portal   , it seems I cannot proceed further until I create an Azure account. This is fine except it asks me for my credit card details. An IBM course I had tested last week gave me a free account via a link from Coursera.

Can this issue be fixed so I can create a temp account on Azure and continue with beta-testing. I may add that quizzes which follow the readings also require you to complete this first exercise so the only testing I can do is on the videos.

Thanks in advance
Ramesh Kumar

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It’s interesting that this course is apparently accessible for some. I only see the course description page.

Anyway, a charge of fee can be avoided if this sandbox thing is still around; but creating an account seems inevitable with the way the MS courses are made. I understand if giving away credit card info is uncomfortable. MS should provide dummy accounts for such testing situations, like Google Cloud and apparently IBM do. Eventually you can always give feedback on the course with a remark that you did not do the practical exercises.

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Thanks for that response. Interesting that I did not get this reply via email. Must check my settings. I contacted the beta support via email and was directed here. I will do as you suggested