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Unable to access the course materials

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Hi all!

I was recently invited to be a Beta Tester and to take the per-requisite course. I am, however, unable to access some of the course materials (I am able to go through the readings, but the very first video won't play) . I also don't see a resume course option for the Beta Testers Community course everytime I return to my dashboard. Instead, it displays a 'Join' button.

I'd really appreciate any help with this issue!

Warm Regards,

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I have the same problem 😞
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Sorry to hear about this! I think our beta tester community manager @Genica is looking into it.
Same here, I still see the 'join' button after completing the requisite coursework.
Hi! I'm having the same issue. I can see the list of materials, but the video page is blank.

Unless this is a real life beta test 🙂
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Hi @Kartikeya Reddy, @francescof86, @Julie Lollis, @LifeLong Learner, and @Kashmir – you should all have access to the Beta Tester community training course now!


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