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Synchronization issue between Coursera website and app....

  • 16 April 2019
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I enjoyed testing MOOC's until now. However, I have the strange feeling that there's kind of a synchronization issue between the website and the app, regarding enrolling to some MOOC's I tested lately. Indeed, when resetting sessions, I had the nasty surprise to get unenrolled from those MOOC's.

Have some of you had that issue?

Kind regards,

Best answer by Claire 16 April 2019, 17:19

@Iris_Soliman I think you're talking about courses you have beta tested so I've moved your post into the beta tester section. I'm not aware of any policy changes but will see if the beta tester team can get back to you on this.
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9 replies

Hi @Iris_Soliman,

I use the Coursera app sometimes and have not experienced this. I just now switched to a new session in one of my inactive courses using the app.

The following button showed up.

Then, I went to the course, read a section, and logged out. Immediately after doing that, I opened a browser, logged into my account, and clicked "My Courses". The course was on my "Last Active" page. When I visited the course using the browser, it did not ask me to switch to a new session. So I can say it did work well (and synchronously) for me.
Please check it again and make sure the course is not on your inactive page, for example. If you are really unenrolled, then this issue, in my view, might be something related to your account. So you'll have to report it to the Help Center. You'll need to explain that a course is missing from your account.

Please click "Contact Us" at the end of the article and follow the on-screen instructions until you get a link for sending an email message. I hope this helps.
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Hello @Maryam ,

First of all I was talking about lately published MOOC's, i.e. those published after testing them. Furthermore, I have been in contact with Coursera to point that out, but I wasn't really convinced (since it wasn't the first time I got that issue those days). By the way, I could switch sessions - as of the MOOC's I tested - without being unenrolled before.

I rather think it's a policy change, not something linked to my account.

Thanks for the help anyway,
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@Iris_Soliman I think you're talking about courses you have beta tested so I've moved your post into the beta tester section. I'm not aware of any policy changes but will see if the beta tester team can get back to you on this.
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You're right to the point @Claire . Now to be clear on that I am just confused as it never happened before...

I am having same issue with samsung s8 app. I keep my app up to date. I noticed it few days ago. I completed all on my assignments and labs using pc. I tried to get to my course using an app, It says my labs are overdue. 



I’m having the same issue on iOS. Some modules I marked as completed on web are not marked as completed on mobile app. Frustrating.


I am having syncing issues too. On my phone, a Samsung S8, I was doing some of the course and this seemed to sync up with the app on my iPad and also on a PC. But now when I go back to the phone, it says i have not viewed most of the videos. On the iPad, for resources that are locked i get a message saying "you must enrol in the course to see this" when I am already enrolled! The ipad app will not take me to any if the forum sections either but the phone will. There are definitely some bugs here which need to be looked at.

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I have a sync problem between ipad and laptop. It never syncs though I tried logging out and even tried uninstalling the app then reinstall it. All courses that are enrolled through website don't appear in app and when I search for them they ask me to enrol.

Any help plzI tried help center but couldn't find similar issue


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Hi @ChrisClancy and @Hayatkd. It’s possible that you may have logged into different accounts on one device, so please confirm that your email is the same from the settings page on both devices. 

If you are logged into the same account on both devices, please get support.

Enter the Help Center and log in from the top right corner. Then, look for the option to contact “Contact us” at the bottom of this article.