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No Monday Beta-Tester email

  • 13 October 2020
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For all the past weeks I received an email with new courses to beta test. I have done a beta test for all these weeks and provided the survey form for each one of them.


But this week I did not receive a new email with new courses.

I did receive the reminder to fill out the beta test survey of the last course though.

Anybody know what is going on? Can I still expect the invitation email for new courses to test this week?

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I haven’t received either. Perhaps there is no courses to beta-test this week. Given how disorganized the beta testing is, I wouldn’t worry.

I have just received the email with beta-courses


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Me too, they changed the schedule to a day later see this part of the invitation email:


As always, please be sure to submit one (1) course evaluation form for each course you test before 11:59pm PT on Wednesday, October 21.


The return post with the course evaluation form used to be Tuesday …..

Thank you for the helpful communication dear Coursera Beta test organizers. You can really do better than that!


Hello.  I haven’t received an email or invite since August 2020 (I believe).  I have contacted Coursera, who say I am still signed up.  Has any one received and email or invite since August?  Is it possible there are no courses to test or none in my chosen areas?

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Hi @C.Elizabeth 2020. You should be getting these weekly emails. We’re seeing some unexpected behaviors related to beta tester emails, and we’re investigating. Thank you for your patience!