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How to unenroll from a beta-test course

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Beta testing is over, you do not want to continue with a course and you are asking yourself how to unenroll from the course to keep your list of incomplete courses short. Here is how to do it:

Option 1: You can "request a refund"
This is the prefered option: If you are still inside the refund time window, you can go to your "My purchases" page, search for your course and officially "request a refund" (even though you paid 0€). You will be instantly unenrolled from the course.

Option 2: Use the support
There are two main reasons Option 1 could fail: Either the course is not listed under "My purchases" (in which case there simply was no free certificate) or you are "too late" to request a refund.
In any case, just contact the Coursera Support (via the help center, at the bottom of most help pages, e.g. here) and send them a list of courses you would like to unenroll from.
The support will then manually unenroll you from those courses.

Please note: This is not an official posting by Coursera, I've just written this how-to because this was one of the top questions asked on the old forum.

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Thanks for posting this advice here to help out other beta testers!
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That was really helpful. Thanks a lot!

I followed your instructions.

My Purchases => Transactions => Request a Refund


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